CNC machining - production of spare parts for machines and production lines -
Robert Marek

High quality, reliable delivery, strict control of dimensional accuracy and surface quality are guarantued. We are able to produce parts for orders for CNC machining in small series. Production of precision parts, shafts, gears, spindles, spare parts for production lines, etc. We can also produce plastic Dilyz, Ferodo etc.

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Robert Marek
CNC machining Custom molds grinding

UWe are a company that was founded in 2012. Our activity is polishing, grinding and maintenance of metal molds. In 2015, our company merged with the company TORS - metalworking, which focuses on CNC machining in Uhersky Brod, which was founded in 2007.

My Offer

CNC turning and milling

Single pieces and serial machining on CNC centers..

Flat and cylindrical grinding

If necessary, we are also able to grind rotating parts to pointed ones.

EDM wire, hardening, blackening and cementing

TIG welding

Repairs of tools and molds using the latest TIG technology - hardness up to 65 HRC.

I also offer

- Grinding and polishing under chrome on centers.
- Manual polishing of molds for technical mirror polishing.
- Polishing of demanding surfaces, shapes and structures to a high gloss mirror.
- Polishing for the automotive and engineering industries and other industries.
- Polishing work for the food and cosmetics industry.


Ultrasonic polishing

With the help of ultrasound, I make final adjustments to small shapes and tools, such as inlet openings, slots, inlets and other cavities after erosion machining with complex profiles. To do this, I use a wide range of polishing, grinding and file tools.

TTP 220 AC / DC welding machine

The innovative technical design enables trouble-free welding of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. The TTP process developed by CRONITEX enables individual welding pulses with minimal heat input. The patented control unit provides extremely short pulses for arc welding with regulated energy from 3 to 220 amps.

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If you are interested, please contact my dealer for foreign market.

Miroslav Jantosovic

Tel.: +420 775 244 566

ID. Nr.: 65323238
Steuer Nr.: CZ7501214644

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